Saving Strays has been dedicated to finding loving homes for the numerous animals in its care since it was first founded in 2019. Here are some of our previously adopted pets pulling their best model poses. Vote now for your favourite to help them win some tasty treats.

1. Doris

Adopted November 2020
Doris loves chasing water drops in the shower and flies in the summer

2. Nona

Adopted December 2020
Nona loves being fussed by her human dad only, pinching her big sister’s food and watching the world go by on her window seat

3. Harry

Adopted September 2020
Rescued from Greece

4. George

Adopted January 2020
George LOVES bringing gifts his owner doesn’t want 

5. Comet

Adopted March 2021
Comet (AKA bambi on ice AKA banshee) loves squirty cream and whenever the fridge opens she jumps down and follows you around for it. She takes the nozzle in her mouth and just has a constant stream of it 

6. Mimi

Adopted March 2020
Mimi loves sunbathing on the window and when she’s really happy she purrs like a pigeon 

7. Raymond

Adopted August 2020 

8. Rocco

Adopted January 2021
Rocco (AKA Rocket Dog/Roquito/shit bag!!) thinks he’s a cat, he will rub his face against you and insist on lying on your chest!

9. Luna

Adopted March 2021
Luna showing off her “I love sunshine and cuddles pose”. Luna loves daily cuddles and gets grumpy if she doesn’t get them. Her humans spoil her but she just loves a bit of foil. Luna likes to make sure mummy doesn’t miss her alarm so wakes her super early

10. Oreo and Milo

Adopted December 2020
Oreo and Milo both love bringing gifts and bossing the dog about!

11. Theo

Adopted February 2021
Theo is a Boss cat who likes to ‘persuade’ his bestie (the dog) to play, then usually ends up chasing the dog out of the room 

12. Tyga

Adopted November 2020

13. Marley

Adopted January 2022
Marley massively judges dogs that bark at him through the window even though he does it himself 

14. Thumper

Adopted June 2020
Thumper likes to loudly interrogate all visitors before deeming them acceptable

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If you’ve been inspired to adopt your very own little model head over to the Pets For Adoption page to see all of the animals current available.


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