Hayley Egan founded Saving Strays after her own experiences rescuing two dogs in terrible circumstances.

Hayley’s journey to opening an animal rescue service began when she and her partner rescued a Greek hare hound, Milo, from Greece in August 2019.

Milo was brought to the UK after being in a ‘kill shelter’ in Greece where he was going to be put to sleep.

Hayley told Manchester World: “At first he was really skinny and nervous. He used to eat dog poo because it was the only food source available to him on the streets of Greece.”

“He’s such a stunning dog and he has had a transformative life from where he came from.”

Harry, one of the dogs Hayley rescued and rehomed

After adopting Milo from Starlight Barking Rescue, the couple adopted another dog called Lola from Healing Paws Animal Rescue located on the Greek Island of Zakynthos (Zante), where Hayley volunteered.

Lola was a found in a bin in Greece and she had to get stitches because rats had chewed her tail. Due to travel laws regarding animals at the time, Lola could only travel to the UK when she was 16 weeks old.

And after adopting Milo someone contacted Hayley and asked her for help in rehoming eight cats.

Hayley said: “I drove to the lady’s house to collect the cats. Her house was awful. There were faeces all over the floor. Two of the cats had severe medical problems.”

The cats received medical treatment and most were rehomed but one, Henry, had severe medical conditions and had his teeth removed and his eyes bled. Hayley knew that he would struggle to find a home so she adopted him.

After that she decided she wanted to set up Saving Strays and she got in touch with other rescuers.

Saving Strays has a cattery and has seven pens for cats and two outdoor play areas.

In total the charity has 55 animals in rescue at the moment and 40 volunteers. The volunteers have different roles from the home check team who survey potential homes for adoptions to the admin team that deal with the adoption packs and vet visits.

Hayley believes in giving animals a chance at life and the power of compassion in transforming an animal’s life.

“Some animals come to us in good health but more often than not the animals are in horrific states, medically or are very unsocial due to being petrified.

“Some are violent and witnessing that journey from being scared and poorly to becoming a confident, loving, and healthy animal, it’s the most enrichment you can get out of life.

“It’s a wonderful feeling that you had something to do with that journey.”

Hayley’s story was written and published by Manchester World and can be read in full here: https://www.manchesterworld.uk/news/my-dog-was-rescued-from-a-bin-now-im-saving-other-stray-pets-in-manchester-3462992?fbclid=IwAR1kx5Cl24f1oYhLax7e5sRaRE-FDthlorVxRxYJxmrMfBXVOB2pps2Kxlw

Hayley with her dogs


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