Have a look at all the animals that have been rescued and re-homed by Saving Strays Animal Rescue. We pride ourselves on our rescue work and ensure that we find the perfect home for each animal. After an animal has been homed we keep in touch with each new family through our After Care Programme.

If you’re interested in welcoming a new family member into your home, have a look at our adoptions page. 

Pitney: Adopted

The “Lost” Kittens: Adopted

Belle: Adopted

Harold: Adopted

Greg & GracyMae: Adopted

Toby: Passed Away

Harry: Adopted

Twiglet: Passed Away

Theo: Adopted

Max: Adopted

Stumpy: Adopted

Fred: Adopted

Oreo: Adopted

Daisy: Adopted

Milo: Adopted

Dexter: Adopted

Rosalind: Adopted

Lola & Frankie: Adopted

Tony: Long Term Foster

Beauty: Adopted

Louis: Adopted

August: Adopted

June: Adopted

September: Adopted

Kate: Adopted

Fluffy: Adopted

Buddy: Adopted

October: Adopted

Alfie: Adopted

Jack: Adopted

Boris: Adopted

Penny: Adopted

Hurley: Adopted

Desmond: Adopted

Sawyer: Adopted

Libby: Adopted

Sienna: Adopted

TJ: Adopted

Georgia: Adopted

Scarlett: Adopted

Storm: Adopted

Summer: Adopted

Tiny & Titch: Adopted

Bueller: Adopted

Tinkerbelle: Adopted

Sarabi: Adopted

Oreo: Adopted

July: Passed Away

Kit: Adopted

Raven: Adopted

Hamilton: Adopted

Pook: Adopted

Jess: Adopted

Lewis & Mike: Adopted

Micky: Passed Away

Snowy: Adopted

Billy: Adopted

Daisy: Adopted

Bella & Louis: Adopted

Renzo: Adopted

Mischief: Adopted

Stella: Adopted

Lenny: Adopted

Deio: Adopted

Socks: Adopted

Rocco: Adopted

Ben: Adopted

Remy: Adopted

Paws: Adopted

Salem: Adopted

Narla: Adopted

Pumpkin: Adopted

Betty: Long Term Foster

Tyga: Adopted

Dusky: Adopted

Oslo: Adopted

Pudding: Adopted

Tonks: Adopted

Tommy: Adopted

Juliet: Adopted

Ebony: Adopted

Titch: Adopted

Patricia: Adopted

Beans: Adopted

Dorris: Adopted

Jamie & Jasper: Adopted

Bruno: Adopted

Izzy: Adopted

Chloe: Adopted

Spot: Adopted

Alaska: Adopted

Nona: Adopted

Maggie: Adopted

Lexi: Adopted

Mowgli: Adopted

Donna: Adopted

Harvey: Adopted

Henry: Adopted

Opie: Adopted

Rachel: Adopted

Hugo: Adopted

Lily: Adopted

April: Adopted

Duncan: Adopted

Bonnie: Adopted

Raymond: Adopted

Dave: Passed Away

Max & Dodge: Adopted

Tyson: Adopted

Jerry: Adopted

Jude: Adopted

Ethel: Adopted

Eileen: Adopted

Lotus & Biscoff: Adopted

Lunar: Adopted

Polo: Adopted

William: At Sanctuary

Jaffa: Adopted

Mo, Polo, Mane: Adopted

Jax: Adopted

Sadie: Adopted

Maya: Adopted

Pepper: Adopted

Sophie: Adopted

Minnie: Adopted

Bella: Adopted

Roxy: Adopted

Toffee: Adopted

Rosie: Adopted

Holly & Ivy: Adopted

Midnight: Adopted

Kia: Adopted

Betty: Adopted

Mitch: Returned to Owner

Duke: Adopted

Mavis: Adopted

Winnie & Bear: Adopted

Rocky: Adopted

Peanut: Adopted

Molly: Adopted

Mabel: Adopted

George: Adopted

Velma: Adopted