Adoption Process

Why Adopt?

ADOPTING vs BUYING: I’m thinking of buying a pet – why should I adopt?

If you are thinking of welcoming a new pet into your life, adopting from a rescue centre or rehoming organisation is by far the best choice – for you and for the animal.

What’s included in the Adoption Pack?

  • Vaccination Record Card
  • Neutering
  • Full Health Check from Vet
  • 5 Weeks FREE Pet Insurance with Agria
  • 3 Months Worming Treatment
  • 1 Month Flea Treatment
  • Microchip in your name


Main Roads

We don’t allow the adoption of cats to families living on, or close to, main roads. This is for the cat’s safety as even indoor-only cats can still escape from a property and very easily be hit by a car.

Exceptions are made for families who have an outdoor enclosure (cattery) which would need to be seen during the home check.


Due to a possible life span of 20 years or more, no kittens or puppies will be rehomed to anyone over the age of 65. Young animals over 12 months will be considered on an individual basis.

Families with children under five are unable to adopt kittens, as per our policy, but may adopt a single/pair of young adult cats. Kittens always need to be adopted as a pair, unless there is another cat/dog in the home.

All individuals adopting or fostering need to be over the age of 18.


To avoid disappointment, if you live in privately rented accommodation, you will need to provide written proof of authorisation before your application can be considered.

Council rented: as per pre-tenancy agreement


At this moment we are only adopting out in the local area; Lancashire and Greater Manchester, as we are based in Bolton.

Adoption Process

Please note the processes we have in place are for the well being of the animals in our care and our mission is to ensure that we find the best possible fit to provide our animals a loving, safe forever home. Saving Strays Animal Rescue is run by volunteers and we thank you for your patience in getting back to you.

To adopt one of our animals, please fill out the quick questionnaire found at the bottom of the Pets for Adoption page. Alternatively, send a message to the Saving Strays Animal Rescue email address or message us using the contact button below.

Once the completed questionnaire is received the Home Check Team (HCT) will contact you as soon as possible via text to agree a mutual time to discuss the application.

If the HCT feels your application to adopt is suitable, we progress onto the next stage of the process which is a virtual tour of your home via phone or iPad. We would prefer to see all members of the family living at the premises if possible. We will require photographs of proof of ID i.e. passport/driving license plus a utility bill as proof of address. We also require you to provide photographs of your downstairs living accommodation.

Once the home check has been completed, the Trustees will assess the application and make a decision if they can offer you a pet for adoption. If they feel they can’t, they will give reasons as to why.

If successful, we can discuss the potential animals available which meet the needs of your family and environment.

Once a decision has been agreed by both parties:

1. An adoption Contract will be emailed to you which needs to be signed electronically and returned in order to proceed with the process.

2. Payment of the adoption donation will need to be made in advance before collection will/can be arranged.

3. All animals will have received basic vet treatment; neutering, vaccinations, chipping, flea and wormed. They will also be insured for 5 weeks before collection.

4. Once a pet has been adopted, our Aftercare Manager will be in touch after a week to ensure the animal has settled and can answer any questions you may have. 

5. The animal is now your family member and your responsibility.

Q & A

Do you adopt out to people who already have cats and/or dogs?

Yes, but this all depends on the temperament and needs of the animal and will be based on a case by case basis. We only adopt out where owners have vaccinated and neutered their own animals – we will need to see proof of this.

If you do have other animals in your care it is your duty to be aware not all new additions are accepted straight away, it can take time to adjust to each other up to 6 months. (Animals are part of your family so you need to be sure you are aware of transition periods). We will always take our animals back but fees will not be returned when a reasonable period of time has been given.

Can I adopt if I am unemployed or on benefits?

You have to be sure the cost of caring for a cat/dog can be covered by yourself.

Costs can be quite expensive with insurance, vaccinations and vet bills etc, together with everyday costs for food and litter. You need to be sure you can cover these costs.

How much is the adoption donation?

The adoption donation is:

£120 per cat

£240 per pair of kittens

£300 per dog

£500 per puppy

What is included in the adoption donation?

1. 1st and 2nd vaccinations

2. Microchipping to the new owner

3. Neutering

4. Flea treatment for 1 month and worm treatment for 3 months

5. Free pet insurance for 5 weeks

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