Saving Strays has been dedicated to finding loving homes for the numerous animals in its care since it was first founded in 2019. This is the second heat of some of our previously adopted pets pulling their best model poses. Vote now for your favourite to help them win some tasty treats.

1. Milo
Adopted November 2017
Milo is such a poser in this photo, this was taken when he final settled in our home 
2. Coco
Adopted March 2020
Coco loves cardboard boxes and playing with her favourite laser toy
3. Malia
Adopted February 2022
Malia (AKA baby mals AKA pirate girl) is our little one eyed princess warrior. Malia is the bravest and most fearless cat ever, having one eye hasn’t stopped her from doing anything. She will also eat ANY and ALL human food.
4. Freddie
Adopted May 2019
Freddie has just celebrated his 4th birthday. He’s recently been through the wars and unfortunately had to have his tail amputated but is still as loving and friendly as ever before
5. Teddy
Adopted April 2021
Teddy loves attention and his favourite phrase is “Paint me like one of your French girls mummy”
6. Esme
Adopted August 2021
Esme being Esme
7. Stella
Stella (AKA Stelly Belly, Stella, big hairy Gobshite, scruff) loves to torment our others dog, chase squirrels, bark at rooks, ask to go outside 15 times a night but not actually do anything once outside and bark at dogs/sheep/giraffes on the telly.
8. Ruby
Adopted January 2021
Ruby is a dirty stop out. She likes nothing better than to go out on an evening and worry her Mum and Dad as to where she is, coming home late with no apology!
9. Cupid and Comet
Adopted February 2021
Cupid and Comet have ruled the house ever since being adopted
10. Milly
Adopted August 2021
Milly loves hunting mice so much that she’s becoming nocturnal. Fortunately she loves sunshine too as you can see from the picture
11. Mac
Adopted July 2021
Our (not so) little boy Mac knows how to turn on the charm when he wants something- usually snacks!
12. Randal
Adopted June 2021
I had Randal (AKA randy AKA randy long legs) in foster for less than a week before I decided to adopt him. He sits on command and has a girlfriend called Winnie! (Ladies man I know)
13. Bella and Louis
Adopted March 2020
14. Nala
Adopted June 2021
Nala loves to bird watch or sit in her cardboard box full of tissue paper grass then pounce on the green laser mouse light before zooming around the house for no particular reason. She’s also quite partial to snuggles- usually at the most inconvenient time like the middle of the night! 
15. Ginny
Adopted September 2021
Ginny (AKA gin gin) holds the title for being the loudest meow-er when she wants something 
16. Penny
Adopted February 2022
Penny loves kangaroo hopping at your feet under the covers at bedtimes. (“Should have been born a meerkat”)
17. Kosta
Adopted March 2020
Kosta loves to sleep across my head at night!

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You can find plenty of other future models available for adoption on the Pets For Adoption page.


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