Recently, Saving Strays Animal Rescue has taken in a litter of puppies! Nine to be exact, […]
Edge Hill MA Marketing, Communication, and Branding Students take their future into their own hands by […]
Animal cruelty is an issue that, unfortunately, is still common in our society. It is a distressing […]
Litter of Kittens
Why you should adopt By adopting an animal from Saving Strays Animal Rescue, you provide a loving […]
As a registered charity, here at Saving Strays Animal Rescue, we rely on donations to reach […]
Dog Grooming - Saving Strays Animal Rescue
Ever wondered how much a dog groomer earns in the UK? More and more people are […]
Saving Strays Animal Rescue Toxic Plants Guide
Did you know that there are potentially hazardous plants within your garden and the great outdoors […]
On Thursday 23 March, Saving Strays Animal Rescue raised awareness about the truth behind puppy farms to support International Puppy Day!

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