On Thursday 23 March, Saving Strays Animal Rescue raised awareness about the truth behind puppy farms to support International Puppy Day! As an animal rescue, our team is dedicated to helping strays and animals needing to be rehomed and rehabilitated which is why we are advocates for adoption. 


Puppy mills were first introduced in World War 2 in response to failing crop yields in the Midwest, today there are over 2000 legalised puppy mills in Wales alone, with over 80,000 dogs sold in this industry which is designed on profit rather than animal welfare.


Puppy mills continuously use dogs to breed, standardly in poor conditions, the dogs and puppies are often placed in small and restrictive confinement and subject to long lasting trauma and fear. The animals in their care often do not have access to the basic essentials such as nutrient rich food and are habitually separated from their mothers before the recommended time. Puppy farms are an inhumane practice and to close down these illegal and disgusting places, anyone looking to add a pet to their family should look at adoption and providing an animal, who hasn’t had the best start to life a second chance.

A great example of how adoption can help animals is Tilly, the Jack Russell has been striving since being adopted over a year ago:

We adopted Tilly (originally named moo-moo), just over a year ago from saving strays animal rescue, she was very malnourished and weighted under the recommended weight for a jack Russel, she was very shy, scared, and standoffish due to being used for breeding. Since adoption, she has developed a great, fun, and sweet personality and always seeks love and attention. It has been amazing to see the change In her and her confidence grow, she is a great addition to our family and is extremely loving to her sister border collie, we would definitely recommend anyone looking for a pet to choose adoption over visiting puppy farms, it is a great feeling knowing that you are proving a better life for a dog that hasn’t had the best start’ – Patrick Green and Jorden Parton


To end this continuous cycle of mistreatment, people can choose more ethical methods such as adoption which helps prevent dogs being euthanised due to overcrowding, limited resources and ill health as shelters often are unable to provide adequate healthcare or treatment due to a lack of funds. Sadly, by being kept in shelters, some animals have a tendency to display characteristics of aggression, nervousness and depression. However, with love, affection and adoption these behaviours can all be reversed, not only will you be providing a safe and loving environment for an animal but you will be investing in their future and improving their quality of life.

Adoption also helps the shelters and other animals who need urgent care, as it will solve the overcrowding issue and offers relief to their resources which can then be used on an animal that may need a little extra time to come out of their shell and find a forever home.

Another reason to consider adoption, is because it may be better for your bank balance, it is notoriously well known that if you were to purchase a new pup, it could cost you on average between £1000 – £2000 (dependant on the breed of dog), this is excluding any additional vet bills or visits that may occur. By offering a new home to an older or any animal in need, you will be saving yourself a lot of money, for example, here at Saving Strays Animal Rescue and other shelters, they ensure that animals are fully checked by the vets, are spayed, and aid fosterers by supplying them with donated food.


There’s a misconception surrounding the idea that you can only find older dogs at rescue centres when there are puppies found in shelters all over the UK. There are various shelters all over the UK, with a variety of ages to suit each owner depending on your different situations and lifestyles.

There is a myth that you cannot teach an ‘old dog new tricks’ and it is easier to train new pups, this is simply not true, each animal comes with its own challenges whether that is toilet training, aggressive behaviour or unwanted barking. All animals need time, patience, and a firm authoritative leader to correct any behaviour. By providing a safe environment, plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, any dog of any age will strive.

This can also be beneficial for those that are looking to engage with more active lifestyle and offers health gains such as burning calories, weight loss, reduce blood sugar and decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases i.e. coronary heart disease by 19% – if you choose to invest in any animal, you can also help reduce anxiety, depression, and other negative moods. 

By adopting just one animal, you can save the life of two, stop the cruelty in puppy farms, prevent unnecessary deaths, and help shelters by reducing their resources. Help older and unwanted dogs feel loved and youthful, and the change you can see within them is a great reward. You can support Saving Strays Animal Rescue today by looking at the wonderful animals that we have currently looking for a forever home HERE.


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