As the cost of living crisis worsens, more and more people are giving up their pets in an attempt to save money – either by surrendering them to a shelter or abandoning them. The number of people having to make this difficult decision is only set to increase as we enter the cold winter months where energy bills will increase rapidly.

Jenny Herriot, rescue and surrender manager of Saving Strays, was recently interviewed about the crisis by Manchester World. She described the situation as an “absolute nightmare. To be quite honest, it’s total madness. Every rescue you speak to is full”.

Not only are the numbers of animals needing new homes increasing, but the amount of donations received are decreasing, as people simply can’t afford to give as much. This coupled with a decrease in the number of people looking to adopt is massively affecting animal rescue charities.

Jenny’s advice for anyone struggling with looking after their pets is to look out for deals on pet food and shop around. She also points out that there is financial assistance available for cat neutering and chipping from Cats Protection.

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