With summer finally making an appearance, and the weather heating up, it’s important we ensure our pets are kept cool and comfortable to avoid heatstroke and other injuries. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your pet has fresh cold drinking water at all times. Consider putting a couple of bowls outside in the shade, but change them frequently.
  • Ensure pets have access to shaded areas and indoor access at all times.
  • Cooling mats/vests and paddling pools are both good ways of providing instant relief from the heat. If you don’t have a cooling mat, a cool wet towel will also do the job.
Binksy enjoying a cooling mat
A shaded paddling pool: perfect for a refreshing dip
  • Avoid walking your dog in the hottest hours of the day as it will burn their pads (early morning and evening walks are best). Place the back of your hand on the pavement to check the temperature is acceptable before starting any walks.
  • You can make tasty doggy lollies by freezing water with carrot bits or treats in, for your pooch to enjoy licking.
  • And remember, whatever shade you try and create for your pet, there’s a good chance they’ll just end up in a bush anyway…

Warning: If you notice any of the following symptoms in your pet, contact your vet immediately, as it could be a sign of heatstroke: drooling, low energy, heavy panting, lying stretched out or flat on their stomach, vomiting, collapsing, being very sleepy or lethargic, falling unconscious or having fits.


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