Nicki and her partner have been fostering for Saving Strays Animal Rescue for a while now. We asked them to share their experience:

“We both love cats and always intended to adopt our own one day after each growing up with cats as pets. We had only recently moved in together, when we saw the Facebook appeal for fosterer’s and knew we wanted to help. After applying via the website, which was very easy, we were contacted by a volunteer who home checked us and asked us about our experience looking after cats. Very soon after that, we received our very first foster cat – Josie! She was dropped off at our home along with food, litter, a litter tray, food bowls, a cat bed – essentially everything we needed.


Josie was shy at first, hiding away for a couple of days, but before long her “sassy” personality starting showing and she quickly made our house her own. We both knew that we weren’t going to be able to let her leave so we officially adopted her. She makes us laugh with her demanding attitude but rewards us with cuddles and headbutts.


After we adopted Josie, we wanted to continue fostering as we were really enjoying it. Next we were given Mac. Mac was found living as a stray in a dump and was a very timid boy. He spent nearly two weeks hiding behind our TV only coming out to eat and use his litter tray during the night. Our patience was rewarded, when suddenly one day Mac came to us for cuddles. After that, he couldn’t get enough attention, constantly wanting strokes and to sit on our laps. The difference in him was amazing and truly rewarding to experience.


After Mac was adopted into a lovely home, (where he is now living his best life as shown in the picture!) we received our next foster – Liberty. Liberty was surrendered rather than found straying and was the most confident of the cats we’d fostered so far. She was also the youngest and the most playful (or should we say mischievous!) but also enjoyed her strokes and attention. We didn’t have Liberty long before she was also adopted into a fantastic home where we’ve been told she enjoys hunting and being playful.


Cloud is our latest foster cat. She was also surrendered and is such a lovely, gentle confident girl. She has been a very easy cat to look after and we enjoy having her around. She is sat next to us right now as we type this, and she just loves being near us and enjoying our attention. Hopefully she will also find her perfect home very soon.

During our time fostering for Saving Strays Animal Rescue, we have had the privilege of looking after a mixture of all types of cat personalities and it has been amazing seeing the cats progress from shy and timid into loving and playful pets who are continuing to thrive in their new homes. Saving Strays Animal Rescue have provided great support throughout and it has been extremely fulfilling to help out such a wonderful charity. If you’re thinking about fostering, we definitely recommend you give it a go!”

You can find out more information about becoming a fosterer here.


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