Fostering is a rewarding experience where you will be able to help an animal find their second chance at life.

As a charity ran by volunteers, we are always looking for and rely on fosterers to help us rehome and rehabilitate the animals in our care. We are incredibly grateful to all our wonderful fosterers who have support us and provide shelter and love to the animals that are surrendered to us. 

The act of fostering not only provides a safe and loving temporary home for an animal in need, but it also helps to save the lives of many more animals. The dedicated team of volunteers at Saving Strays Animal Rescue work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate stray animals and find them forever homes. 

Pictured Above: Some of the animals fostered through Saving Strays Animal Rescue

Why is fostering important?

Fostering an animal can make a world of difference in an animal’s life. This is especially true for puppies and kittens who are often too young to be adopted, and for adult dogs and cats who may have medical or behavioural needs that require extra care and attention. By opening your home to an animal in need, you’re giving them a chance at a happy, healthy life.

Fostering an animal with us can allow us to learn more about the animal’s personality and needs, which can help in finding the perfect forever home for them. In a foster home, the animal can receive one-on-one attention, love, and socialisation, which helps them to find their fur-ever home. This is an incredible opportunity for the animals in our care to be exposed to other pets in the fosterers home, which allows us at Saving Strays Animal Rescue to support the animal in their rehabilitation. 

When you become a fosterer, you get to experience the joy of making a positive impact in the world. Fostering can also be a great way to teach children about the responsibilities that come with pet ownership and can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the company of a furry friend without the long-term commitment. Fostering is a great way for you to determine if you are ready to adopt a pet. 

By fostering with Saving Strays Animal Rescue, you will see first-hand the positive impact that sharing your home can do for animal in need. Foster for us today by contacting:

Find out more about our fostering process here.


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