Recently Saving Strays Animal Rescue obtained Molly, a sweet, loving, and gentle French Bulldog who hasn’t had the best start to life! Her previous owners were neglectful which caused her medical conditions such as her Cherry eyes and sore, itchy skin to become worse, they eventually surrendered Molly to us but unfortunately, she has always been fighting for her life as one of her previous owners sought euthanasia.

Since then, Molly has secured a loving foster home, who are working very closely with Saving Strays Animal Rescue to ensure that she gets the treatment needed to help her become healthy!

Molly’s History

It has been made known to us via the opinion of two vets that Molly has been mistreated and used continuously for breeding, a consequence of this is that her nipples are very sore and enlarged. However, since being placed in her foster home, they have shown slight improvement.

Molly’s first day

When Molly first came to her foster home, it was clear to see that she hadn’t received the proper care that she needed as she was constantly itching, making herself bleed and unable to settle. With numerous vet visits, she has been medicated with antibiotics and steroids, but her skin condition will be an ongoing battle for her for the rest of her life and she will require medication for life. Molly is also prone to ear infections, and she needs her ears washing twice a week to reduce the swelling and eliminate any further infections, again this will be a medical cost and condition for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, the problems don’t stop there for Molly, she has been diagnosed with psoriasis in the folds in her skin that has to be bathed twice a day which has resulted in her being continuously itchy and consequently has had dire effects for her other diagnosis of Cherry Eyes, as she has scratched the lumps on her Cherry Eyes which has caused them to bleed. Molly also has limited eyesight, and the ball of her eye continues to be sore for her, which is why she will be undergoing surgery soon to remove the Cherry Eyes.

This is why we NEED YOUR HELP, as a registered charity we rely on public donations to help and support animals within our care and the vet bills they accrue. Due to Molly’s ongoing conditions, she needs to see the vets on a fortnightly basis, which means accruing more cost for the charity.

Our mission has always been to help animals get the medical help and treatment that they need for a second chance at life. Molly is the most robust character with a fight for life which is why we are desperately seeking your help to get her healthy and allow her to enjoy a new peaceful and pain free stage of life.


You can donate directly to Saving Strays Animal Rescue Charities bank account, any donations big or small is appreciated as it goes a long way to helping Molly seek the medical treatment she deserves.


SORT CODE: 30 – 90 – 90

Thank you from the Saving Strays Animal Rescue Team and Molly


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