Fluffy found his way to Saving Strays after going missing for a number of years, unfortunately his family life had changed, and a reunion didn’t go to plan. But that wasn’t the end of Fluffy’s story, Janet fell in love with him and adopted him in January 2021. We spoke to Janet about her adoption process…

Tell us more about you and your pet.

“Fluffy is 14 years old and was originally fostered by a lovely lady called Sue in Bolton. I adopted him in mid-January, and it’s took him just two weeks to trust me enough to start sitting on my knee.

“In animal years, we are about the same age (!) and he’s made a huge difference to my life. I love seeing him greet me in the morning when I come downstairs. He’s great company, and really love exercising with his toys.

Why did you choose Saving Strays?

“I found Saving Strays on the internet and was particularly impressed with the thorough vetting process they did prior to me adopting Fluffy. They regularly follow up on how we are doing, and I know they are happy to help with any worries I may have.”

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