Long Term Fosters

At Saving Strays Animal Rescue, we care for and re-home abandoned and unwanted cats, dogs, horses and rabbits. However, occasionally an animal will enter into our care who is unable to be re-homed due to ongoing long term health issues. These animals will remain under the care of a fosterer, who will make their lives as comfortable and happy as possible, until they die. These Long Term Foster animals can cost the charity a significant amount of money, however we will never put down an animal unnecessarily. Please read on to learn more about the current Long Term Fosters we have under our care, and if you’re able to donate to help with their ongoing vet bills and treatments this would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Betty is a Yorkshire Terrier…


Suzie is a wonderful girl who came into rescue as a stray. As time went on it become apparent she was having issues with her paws that were getting progressively worse. After several tests and scans it was discovered that she had severe arthritis in her paws which caused her ongoing pain.


Ellie is a Bulldog…


Tony is a really friendly 14 year old cat who came into rescue as a stray. Despite our best efforts we were unable to find his owner, so when he turned up one day with a neck injury we had to take him in to treat him. Tony had a burst abscess on his neck, and has needed to have a few teeth removed. Despite all he’s been through, Tony is a fun loving and playful character even in his old age! He loves attention and head scratches and is the happiest cat you’ll ever meet.


Spike is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was surrendered into rescue after his owner fell ill and could no longer look after him. Spike is old and has a lot of health issues that hadn’t been treated. He has needed two surgeries during his time under our care to remove rotting teeth and slow down his dental disease. Spike is currently loving life and enjoying his time in long term foster with his lovely, retired foster mum.


Peanut is an injured horse who was rescued from another charity. She is severely injured in both of her rear back legs meaning she is unable to be ridden and never will be. 

Harry & Millie

Harry (tabby male aged 3-5) and Millie (black and white female aged 7) are siblings who absolutely love and look after each other. They are very timid and like to hide away when humans are around. Because of this they have unfortunately been unable to settle in any of their foster homes and so will remain in the charity as long term foster animals living outside as they are used to and at their happiest.

Rainbow Bridge

Unfortunately, with so many cats, dogs, horses and ponies, and those who come into our care not always being in the best health, there will always be those whose time on earth has come to an end.

Our Rainbow Bridge cats, dogs, horses and ponies are still with us in our memories and in our hearts and we would like to dedicate this space to them.


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